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Credit Score Rehabilitation & Financial Recovery

Having a hard time financially and looking for an experienced Arlington, Texas Bankruptcy attorney who cares about you and your financial health?  The Weaver Law offers real help in hard times. 



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The Weaver Law is a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

The Weaver Law accepts major credit cards (for non bankruptcy clients) and offers convenient payment options.
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What our clients say

What some of our clients have to say about Weaver Law.
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I am so thankful that Mr. Weaver agreed to handle my financial crisis. He was very professional while still being personable. I felt that he really cared about my case and wanted me to receive justice. Mr. Weaver took time to thoroughly investigate every detail of my case then informed me of the best course of action to pursue. He was not just trying to make money for himself, but counseled me on the most cost effective strategy for my case. His defense restored my sanity, joy, peace of mind, and faith in the justice system. I highly recommend The Weaver Law firm for legal assistance.

Apr 27, 2015 by Edna Wilkins - Weaver Law Firm

Over 5 years ago I faced a crisis- financially and legally that cast a huge shadow over my and my wife's lives. After counciling with David Weaver, I took the next step to resoving this- filing bankruptcy. David was completely supportive before, during and now after making this huge decision. I remember him advising the law allows you the chance to help clear up debt- and in a responsible way. I appreciate him always being there to answer questions and keep me focused to the end of the process. Job well done David!

Apr 10, 2015 by David Cregar - Ongoing Support

Bankruptcy FAQ

Just a few of our Frequently Asked Questions.
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Bankruptcy is a federal court process designed to help consumers and businesses eliminate their debts or repay a portion of them under the protection of the bankruptcy court. Bankruptcy provides a "fresh start" that enables individuals or businesses to start over without the burden of debt. It also gives people who are owed money - the creditors - a fair share of the money that the debtors can afford to pay back.
Yes, but sometimes you may receive a call before creditors receive their notices. In that case, refer them to your attorney. If they persist in calling after they have been notified of your filing, keep a journal of their calls and report them to your attorney immediately. Creditors who continue to try to collect after a person files for protection in Bankruptcy are subject to severe sanctions and penalties by the Bankruptcy Court.
After your bankruptcy petition is filed, the court mails a notice to all the creditors listed in the schedules. In certain situations, we may call a specified creditor to stop an impending action that has been threatened.

Bankruptcy True and False

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True or False

FALSE - Despite a tremendous amount of misinformation concerning the 2005 reforms to the bankruptcy code, very little has changed concerning the individual's ability to seek financial relief.
FALSE - Unless you are a prominent person or a major corporation and filing is picked up by the media, the chances are very good that the only people who know about the filing are your creditors. While it is true that bankruptcy is a public legal proceeding, the numbers of people filing are so massive, very few publications have the space, the manpower or the inclination to run all of them.
FALSE - Certain kinds of debt cannot be erased. They include child support, alimony, student loans and debts incurred as the result of fraud. If you have defrauded someone and a judgment has been made against you, that won't be discharged either.

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